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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Review: Banana Bread Beer

Style: British Ale
Brewer: Wells & Young's Brewing Company
Location: Bedford and London, England (respectively)
Alcohol: 5.2%

Contained within the traditional Young's 568 ml "British Pint" bottle, Banana Bread Beer certainly smells like the mushy breakfast loaf that its name implies. Taste-wise, it's more of your dry, run of the fruit ale - that is, until the aftertaste kicks in, a flavor that once again imitates the titular food. The beer has a soft mouth feel, and in spite of an alcohol content higher than most ales, it does not easily weight the drinker down with a boozy taste or after effect. In spite of it's easy drinkability, BBB strikes me as nothing more than a novelty beer, one of those drinks that you buy just to tell people that you once had a bear that tastes like banana bread.

The Three B's is brewed and bottled by the combined Wells & Young's Brewing Company Limited, formerly two separate entities (Young & Company and Charles Wells Company), not jointly run. Surely more available in it's native England, I have only found this brew at one location, the HEB Central Market in Dallas, across 77 from the Highland Park neighborhood.

Almost logically, BBB is quite tasty when accompanied by a solid white cheddar, such as a Guinness-infused variety, which can also be found at the above-named Central Market.

Rating: 6.0


Blogger Archibald Herringbone said...

I just wanted to say, thank god for a blogger like you, public information on beer, what better?

June 30, 2007 at 9:07 PM  

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