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Sunday, October 16, 2005

19 more days

As I mentioned before, I am prepping myself for the upcomming Oktoberfest. My preseason regiment is a strict yet enjoyable one. Thanks largely to the prudent work of the wine and beer guy at the Trenton HEB, the Brewmaster's Collection Sam Adams mix pack has been in regular supply not only at the grocery store, but in my fridge as well.

While there are seven beers in the Brewmaster's Collection, the mix pack offers six total beers; two each of Boston Ale, Hefeweizen and Black Lager. Of course, all are delicious. And while I enjoy all three, I would also love the opportunity to access the Cherry Wheat, Scotch Ale, Pale Ale and Cream Stout.

Boston Ale - 9.0
Hefeweizen - 7.1
Black Lager - 7.2