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Saturday, December 04, 2010

A Brief Overview

Brooklyn Brewery was established in 1989, by Steve Hindy and Tom Potter, neither of whom came from brewing backgrounds. They were neighbors and, upon Hindy’s return from a stint in the Middle East (during which he learned how to brew beer), quit their jobs to found the brewery. Though they haven’t quite hit the mainstream the way other small brewers have (Sam Adams, Shiner), Brooklyn Brewery is now, according to their website, among the top 40 breweries in the nation.

The brewmaster since 1994, Garret Oliver has a reputation for quality beer and excellent writing. His book, The Brewmaster’s Table, is a wealth of knowledge on beer and food pairings.

This particular creation of Oliver’s, Brooklyn’s Black Chocolate Stout, is a regular seasonal for the brewery.

Some Thoughts on Design

The signature “B” of the Brooklyn logo is eye-catching and easily recognizable. The designer of the logo is from the same firm who designed the world-famous “I Love New York” design. Money well spent if you ask me.

My Experience

I rarely focus on food pairings as it pertains to beer, I assume a good beer will stand up to any meal. The night I tasted this beer, my wife was serving up Salisbury Steak and Parmesan Broccoli. A hearty, manly dinner, now paired with a hearty, manly beer.

The first pour was darker than expected. Even held up to the light, this dark-as-night stout showed no light. The head was thick and dark, over a quarter inch, in face, I spilled some, due to the amount.

The first taste is a rich, chocolatey flavor, of course. The mouth feel is firm and buttery. This is a RICH beer. The darkness of the color translates well in the taste; while the beer is sweet, it is also heavy and foreboding.

The ABV is high, 10%, and, after two I was ready for bed. A belly full of this beer and a 1/2 pound of ground beef did the trick.

Final Thoughts

The beer is a wonderful example of an Imperial Stout. It is rich and dark, full of sweet and licorice tones. I very much enjoyed it, particularly with the cold weather we have experienced lately. Probably the best Chocolate Stout I’ve tasted.

Rating: 9.1

Pair it with: Something heavy or something sweet.


Blogger Monty said...

I love to pair dark, heavy stouts and porters with desserts, and not to juxtapose. Give me a slice of dense chocolate cake with a pint full of sludge just as thick, please.

December 4, 2010 at 1:25 PM  
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